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Use Your iPhone as a Webcam!

Turn your iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile or Symbian (Nokia only) smartphone into a high-quality wireless webcam. Connect it to a Mac (iPhone version only) or PC using a Wi-Fi connection, and share bright moments of your life that cannot be caught with a built-in webcam or USB camera!

New! Now works with iPhone 5 and iPad mini and supports portrait and landscape orientation!

Mobiola WebCamera is a great way to share what cannot be recorded with a built-in laptop camera, as it is wireless and can be easily moved around. Imagine talking to your mother on Skype and showing her her grandson taking his first steps. Or sitting in a WiFi hotspot near the Eiffel Tower, and sharing this moment with your friend while giving him a virtual tour of this famous attraction. With Mobiola WebCamera, anything can be shared wirelessly in a simple and fun way.

New! Now with video and audio recording on Mac OS and Windows, and flashlight in iPhone version!

WebCamera works with Skype, Google+, Yahoo!, Windows Live Messenger, AIM, ICQ and many other messaging applications, just as you can with a standard USB webcam. It also works with video production software such as Boinx TV, CamTwist, and Camtasia.

Mobiola WebCamera captures video in different resolutions: 192x144, 480x360, 1280x720, and 1920x1080 on iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. You may capture either individual frames or the whole video stream.

User interface in English, Dutch, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Chinese languages in iPhone version.

With the free Mobiola® WebCamera Desktop application installed on a computer, Mobiola WebCamera is plug-and-play ready.

"I found WebCamera to be a useful app and plan to use it a lot
in the future as a second camera for TUAW TV Live."
"If you have ever wanted a portable cordless webcam
this might be a great solution."
iOS 4.3 or later
Windows XP 32bit or Windows Vista/Windows 7 32/64bit PC
Intel-based Mac running Mac OS X 10.6 or later
(Mac OS is supported by iPhone version only)
A WiFi connection is required to connect the Mobiola® WebCamera app to the desktop computer; iPhone and computer should be in the same network.